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We are here for you 24 hours every day to serve your needs:



Performed by our extremely friendly, highly trained, Master Certified Technicians, using cutting-edge equipment and safe, kid & pet friendly, American made, residue-free, organic cleaning products, and giving you an average dry time of around 4 hours......your carpet cleaning experience will be a joy that you look forward to every time.


The same joy will be felt by your pocketbook, as Air Force One gives away for free most of the services that other companies charge a fortune to "add on" or "up-sell". Read on and see for yourself.......



Our Master Certified Technicians clean more furniture than any technicians at any other company in Nebraska. From mom's favorite modern sectional sofa to dad's microfiber recliner, to the ottoman that everyone uses, they clean it all carefully and correctly, with minimal moisture and an average dry time of one hour. 


Our technicians are also exceptional at applying fabric protectant upon completion of the cleaning for a reasonable price should you request it.


Air Force One is a true service oriented company. Most companies in this industry either charge you to move furniture, or they just don't move it at all. Our technicians move all of your basic furniture (and move it back for you) for FREE, so you don't have to lift a finger!


Now, please read this, because it is VERY important:


1.)   We move: sofas, recliners, loveseats, sofa chairs, coffee tables, end tables, some sectional sofas (if unlatched, based upon the technician's discretion), and dining chairs. That is a lot of furniture. That is also it. Please do not ask our technician to move beds, dining room hutches, or anything listed in #2 (below). Sorry to be curt and so direct in this area, but years of experience have taught us that clear communication is the key to happiness.


We move (by picking up, sliding, or tilting) the furnishing, clean the area where the furnishing sat, then we return the furnishing right back where you had it, placing barriers between the furnishing and the carpeting if needed. All the work is done for you.


2.) We do not move: anything not listed in paragraph #1 (above), including, but not limited to televisions, computers, stereos (or electronics of any kind), beds, night tables, dressers, dining tables, dining room hutches, pianos, dining tables, armoirs, or refrigerators. 


3.) Our clients are always very happy about the amount of furnishings we move. If, however, you feel you need your bed, TV, piano, or any item moved that we do not move, and you wish to do this on your own, you are, of course more than welcome to do so. We do, however, have some very minimal guidelines to be followed in the interest of your safety:  

     a.) Any items moved by the client must be moved completely out of the service area prior to the arrival of our technician, so the client is not working in the service area with the technician and the equipment.   

     b.) Any items moved by the client must be moved back after the departure of our technician.


We love handling all of your cleaning needs for you, and this is one more service we provide for FREE.







Air Force One uses only SAFE, kid, pet, and earth friendly, American made organic cleaning products to clean tile and grout, rather than poisonous acids or alkaline cleaners.


Each grout line is scrubbed individually and all tile and grout is then steam cleaned for an extra measure of cleanliness. 



The technicians at Air Force One are educated and certified mattress cleaning SPECIALISTS.


Mattress cleaning is different from say, sofa or dining chair cleaning.  A different amount of product, pressure, and other factors are taken into account to give you a fresh, clean, sanitized, deoderized, mattress that is completely dry and ready for nap time in minutes. After our mattress service you can look forward to getting into a wonderfully fresh and inviting bed on those long winter nights.   


Kids, pets, dust, dirt, and trying that boiled carp recipe you saw on The Food Channel can all make your your house smell less than wonderful. Our signature deoderizer is the finest on the market, and it has made fresh and pleasant many a smelly home. It doesn't smell like chemicals, it's not overpowering, and it doesn't cost a fortune. It is a subtle, organic, calming, tropical scent, and we give it away FREE with every single room cleaning. You read that last line correctly. FREE


Air Force one has earned its 34-year, impeccable reputation by treating folks right. Where most companies charge upwards of $40 per room for cheap deoderizers, our technicians never, ever charge extra for our ultra high-end deoderizer, so you can have the fresh-smelling home you deserve......for FREE.   



Stairs are the very most labor intensive work our technicians preform. Technicians are down on hands and knees, and they go over each entire stair a minimum of three times, so they can turn out beautifully clean, bright, fluffy, and soft. 


The Air Force One price for cleaning stairs is extremely low, and has been the same for 34 years...just $2/stair, and this includes the free Teflon Carpet Protectant, making our stair pricing the most affordable in town! 


Please note rooms may not be traded for flights of stairs on specials.



Because we serve so many military clients who bring gorgeous rugs back from overseas, At Air Force One we continue to clean more fine rugs than any other company in the Nebraska/Iowa area. Whether it's a brand new domestic rug or a 200 year-old antique from Persi, Asia, or Europe, we have the expertise to gently, delicately, clean your most spectacular of rugs while maintaining the full integrity and splendor of the rug. THE BEST PART is: Because of our state-of-the-art equipment and the 100% Residue-Free & Certified Organic cleaning process, OUR TECHNICIAN WILL CLEAN YOUR FINEST RUGS RIGHT IN YOUR HOME WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE THEM AWAY! Our low-moisture system means we can clean your rugs RIGHT WHERE THEY SIT, even on wood flooring, because the rugs remain bone-dry on the back!! 


Our dry winters are the enemy of wood flooring. Add to this the basic dirt, food spills, and pet issues and it is no wonder so many Nebraskans need expensive wood floor refinishing prematurely.


Routine maintenance of your wood floors costs a fraction of the price of refinishing, takes far less time, and if done yearly, can ensure that you never need to refinish your wood.


The wood is cleaned using a low-moisture method with powerful extraction to pull out dirt you can't get out by sweeping and mopping alone. The cleaned wood is then conditioned and moisturized using a protective final treatment. The protective wood conditioner is yet another complimentary service we give our clients...for FREE so we can maximize the shine that you love to see on your floor, while keeping your wallet happy!



Teflon Carpet Protectant

Air Force One is alone in this arena. Your technician will protect your carpeting after it has been cleaned. The difference between Air Force One and "all the other guys" is...the carpet protectant comes with a FULL 9 MONTH guarantee. This means: Let's say something fluid, such as a soda, coffee, or a Nebraska game time beer, finds its way to the carpet any time in the next 9 months after your service is completed, as long as you get to it while still in fluid form, it will come up with a wet cloth, or we will dispatch a crew to clean the affected are for free. Now, there are exclusions to this guarantee, such as spilled cleaning chemicals, vomit (due to its extremely acidic and damaging nature), urine (also quite acidic) that has had the opportunity to dry in place, and any tracked-in/ground-in stain (such as dragging muddy boots on the carpet) as you can imagine, but this product is tremendously effective.


Other companies charge upwards of $50 per room for their carpet protectant applications, and even then, they usually only guarantee the product for a number of days.


Our price for this service........FREE with each room cleaned. Period.





Isn't it nice knowing that having us out is not like buying a car because of the pressure and the extra fees? 


In fact, Air Force One Technicians are not even allowed to receive cash tips from clients, so please do not worry about that. Your  technician will receive an excellent bonus, but only based upon the CUSTOMER SATASFACTION survey and your good review of the technician's performance after your service.


Safe, easy, enjoyable, and affordable. That is what we want you to feel about our services.

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